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A successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist, Jay Geier, is on a mission to help others live up to their full potential through time-tested proven strategies he’s gleaned from decades of achieving success both in his own life and the lives of countless professionals he’s worked with. Jay is a self-made, first-generation wealth creator from a middle-class American family who has owned his own businesses since age 18. He is the Founder and CEO of Scheduling Institute, a practice management and health marketing firm designed to help private practice owners achieve a more successful business and, as a result, a more fulfilling life.



How do I grow my practice? How do I get more New Patients? Should I consider a corporate buyout? Can I actually turn my practice into a profits-producing machine? Whether you’re new to the Private Practice Industry, just graduated or are a seasoned Practitioner with decades of experience, this is the show for you. It will answer your questions, encourage you to think creatively and prove to you that any practice, in any city CAN grow.

The Private Practice Playbook is an online resource for Dentists, Chiropractors, Surgeons, Orthodontists…. ANY Private Practitioner. Each episode is packed with actionable tips that are helping thousands of Doctors discover the true potential of their practice growth. This is your chance to learn from the #1 Private Practice Growth Strategist on how to shift your mindset, do the work and see your business grow.

What began as a privately hosted podcast in 2020, has evolved into a public platform followed by thousands of Private Practitioners, designed to educate the independent Doctor on how to grow their practice into something they can keep for a lifetime of revenue or sell for maximum value.

Host Jay Geier brings you practice growth strategies, marketing ideas, industry insights and truths about entrepreneurship that no one else in the Private Practice Industry will tell you.